Club Policies may be changed by the Board of Directors from time to time with a majority vote
as they deem necessary for the best interests of the Club.
Membership Approval Process –
Doylestown Country Club requires a non-refundable $250 Application Fee. Your application will be confidentially processed as quickly as possible based on present membership availability.
The admission procedure includes the following steps:
            1. Posting for 14 days of applicant’s name for review by the full membership.
2. The applicant is introduced by his or her sponsors to the Membership Committee at a meeting that will be held at Doylestown Country Club.
            3. Membership Committee recommends the applicant to the Board of Directors for approval.
This procedure may take up to sixty to ninety days once the application is received.
The fiscal year of the Club shall begin on the first day of January and end on the thirty-first day of December and all members on January First of each year shall be liable for the full dues for the ensuing fiscal year.
The amount of initiation fees and annual dues for all classes of membership shall be prescribed from time to time by the Board of Directors. A former member applying for reinstatement within a period of two years from the date of the members last active membership shall not be required to pay initiation fees.
Members being transferred from one class of membership to another shall    make such adjustment in initiation fees and dues as shall be prescribed by the Board of Directors.
Dues of members holding Proprietary Membership Certificates may be paid in full by the end of the first month of the membership year at a discount, or in accordance with a monthly payment schedule, both plans to be announced annually by the Board prior to the beginning of the membership year.
Dues of House and Non-proprietary Members shall be payable in accordance with a plan announced annually by the Board of Directors prior to the beginning of the membership year.
Cash payment will not be accepted for dues or initiation fees.
Members holding a Certificate in joint names, requesting a change in membership status, must request such change in writing with both signatures as they appear on the Certificate.
A Certificate Holding Golf Member downgrading to House must maintain that status for one (l) full calendar year, unless a Contingent Member has not filled his or her position, in which case the Member may upgrade during the calendar year, upon payment of dues and charges retroactive to beginning of calendar year.
Within the calendar year, should a Member change marital status or be involved in a documented medical condition, they must submit a request for a change in membership status, and the Board of Directors shall have the authority to charge dues on a pro-rata basis for the period of time that Member enjoys membership privileges in each class, except that Member may not downgrade if other family Members are to be retained in the class.  He or she may up-grade without retroactive charges if the added individuals were not previously in the class.  Furthermore, such requests should first be forwarded to the Membership Committee for a recommendation to the Board of Directors.
A Member on Leave of Absence (LOA) status will not be liable for monthly minimums. A Member on LOA is liable for Capital Assessments.
A Member on LOA will have no charge privileges, no voting privileges and will not be able to hold office at the Club.
A Member on LOA may use the Dining facilities of the Club only as a guest of a dues paying member.  This use may be occasional and the privileges may be revoked if abused.
A Member on LOA may play golf as a guest within the normal guest policies of Doylestown Country Club.  This includes a maximum of three rounds per year.
A Proprietary Certificate Holding or Contingent Member may down-grade to a LOA status for a one-year period (January 1 - December 31) upon payment of the current Leave of Absence non-refundable fee.  The Member must make this request in writing by December 31st of the previous year.  Since the spot of the Certificate Holding or Contingent Member on LOA may be filled by a "Contingent Golf Member" for this period, the Certificate Holding or Contingent Member must plan to maintain the LOA status for a full calendar year.
LOA status may be continued for a second year, only upon written request, accompanied by an additional non-refundable LOA fee.  A Golf Member who takes an approved LOA shall not incur an initiation fee upon return.
Should a Member on LOA wish to reinstate full golf privileges during the LOA period, he/she may do so providing:
1.  There is a spot open.
2.  Immediate payment is made for dues and charges retroactive to the beginning of the year.
There is not a Leave of Absence classification for House members.
All resignations of active Members shall be presented to the Secretary, in writing, before December 31st, and such resignations shall be accompanied by the membership certificate owned by such Member, properly endorsed for transfer.
A Member in good standing who does not have a spouse can request a “Significant Other” be given the rights and permissions to use the Club as the appropriate membership class of the active member. This request must be submitted to the office in writing and be approved by the Board of Directors. 
The following outline the requirements:
  • The request for a “Significant Other” should be submitted in writing to the Club’s Secretary and can be done at any point throughout the fiscal year.
  • The “Significant Other” must be an adult that is unrelated by blood or by marriage to another member.
  • The member will be required to fill out a form which will be filed in the club office. It will name the individual who will have “Significant Other” status.
  • The form will require the complete name and social security # of the proposed “Significant Other”.  There will be a one-time fee of $25 for a background check.
  • The significant other will be able to charge to the member’s account and use all club facilities consistent with the membership class.  The member is responsible for any and all charges the “Significant Other” may accrue.
  • If the member wishes for the “Significant Other” to have access to play golf, the member will then have to pay his or her obligations associated with the “Family Golf” dues class.  If this is a mid-year request, the member’s dues will be pro-rated per the current new member dues schedule.
  • “Significant Other” privileges can be revoked any time by the Board of Directors.
  • The “Significant Other” will not have voting privileges or carry any ownership stake in the member’s proprietary certificate.
  • If for any time during the year the member wishes to change or discontinue this status, the office must be notified on writing.
All club charges incurred in a given month shall be due by the end of the following month.  Any Member who has not paid these charges within this prescribed period shall be considered past due.
Commencing the first day of the month in which charges are past due, a maximum finance charge permitted by law and established by the Board of Directors will automatically be added to the past due indebtedness.
Any and all Members, having a past due amount which has not been paid by the 15th of the month following the statement date, will be notified by mail of their delinquency.  If payment is not then received by the last day of that month, the Member will be posted as delinquent and all membership privileges will be suspended. 
After three months suspension for a delinquent account, the Member will be notified by certified letter at the Members expense, that their membership has been forfeited. Monies owed will be deducted from the Members equity, and a check will be sent to the Member for any remaining equity amount.
If any member has received three letters regarding delinquency over a trailing 12-month time frame, that member shall have privileges immediately suspended and the member’s name will be posted until amounts due are paid in full.
A charge of $35.00 will be added to a Member’s account for any check or EFT returned by the bank, plus finance charges, if any.
A Non-Proprietary Membership Certificate costs $1,500.00 and is refundable to Members in good standing upon resignation of non-proprietary membership.  All non-proprietary Members except Junior Members are required to purchase this certificate upon acceptance of membership.
A Proprietary Certificate in Doylestown Country Club costs $17,000.00 and is refundable to Members in good standing upon resignation of proprietary membership.  All proprietary Members are required to purchase this certificate upon acceptance (or availability) of proprietary membership.
A Proprietary Membership Certificate redemption and purchase list will be established and maintained in chronological order.
A Family Member who has lost his/her membership certificate in their divorce settlement may be granted the opportunity to purchase the first available certificate and if said certificate is not available, would be eligible for a Contingency Membership until said certificate is available.
Sons and daughters of Proprietary Certificate holding Members in good standing for at least five consecutive years qualify for the Legacy Program.  The Legacy Program provides for the sons and daughters to apply for membership and following acceptance, be placed at the top of any House or Golf Waiting List, and be admitted when an opening is available. All fees and dues will be in accordance with club policy at that time.
Legacy Members - Meeting the definition as stated in the blue book, will have no initiation fee at either the intermediate 25-29 years of age or the intermediate 30-34 years of age dues class level.
Owners of Proprietary Certificates in good standing, and no other, shall be eligible to vote in person or by proxy, serve as Directors or hold office.  Each proprietary certificate shall entitle the holder or holders thereof to one vote.
The following rules have been established by the Board of Directors in order to provide guidelines for membership conduct when using our excellent facilities.  The rules reflect the wishes of the majority of the Members as to the atmosphere they want in our Club.  All Members are expected to abide by these regulations and to report any infractions, in writing, to the General Manager, Golf Professional, or appropriate committee.
  1. CONDUCT - All Members and their guests are expected to conduct themselves in a manner consistent with the accepted standards of country club behavior.  Profanity, and behavior that causes physical abuse to Club property, are not acceptable.
In the event of a complaint against a Member or guest, the person who registers the complaint shall do so in writing to, or by appearance before, the Board of Directors.
The Member will be accountable to the Board to explain his/her behavior and will be subject to punitive action as deemed appropriate by the Board.
The General Manager, or his agent, has the right to refuse service to any member or guest whose conduct or attire is inappropriate.
  1. DAMAGE TO CLUB PROPERTY - Members shall be held responsible for damages to club property caused by themselves, their children, or their guests.
  1. GAMBLING - Gambling in the Clubhouse is prohibited as established by the regulations of the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board.
  1. CARD PLAYING - Playing cards is permitted in the Women’s and Men’s Card Room at any time within the normal operating hours of the Club.  Junior Members under 21 years of age are not permitted to play cards in the Clubhouse at any time.
  1. MENS DAY - Thursday is Men’s Day at Doylestown Country Club. However, the Grill Room is open to all Members.  Dining for men is available every Thursday evening plus additional times in the Men’s Locker room.  On Men’s Day, the Men’s Card Room Bar closing will be no later than 2:00 A.M. and the Club will close no later than 2:30 A.M. (Friday). 
  1. A Member who refuses to leave the Club at closing time will be reminded by mail of the closing hours of the Club.  Should this infraction occur a second time, the member will be subjected to disciplinary action by the Board of Directors, including fines and/or suspension.
Proper sports attire is required.  This excludes the wearing of jeans of any color, shorts that are shorter than 5 inches from the middle of the knee, tee shirts, tank tops (muscle shirts), halter tops, cutoffs, cargo pants or shorts, hats worn backwards, untucked shirts. Hats are not allowed upstairs in the clubhouse.
Jackets for men and appropriate attire for women are required when dining in the main dining room (Grill Room) on Saturday evenings only.
Certain club functions and events will require more formal dress and Members will be informed of any such requirements. Members and guests in swimwear are not permitted in any Clubhouse or golf course area including porches, patios and the putting green.  Pool users must wear appropriate attire while using the lower patio service window area.
Swimming Pool
Proper swim attire is required for all ages. Examples of inappropriate dress include wearing of jeans, cutoffs and thong-styled bathing suits. Offenders will be confronted and reminded of this dress code.
In order to eliminate the possibility of an embarrassing situation, please adhere to the Dress Code. Clubhouse management has been instructed by the Board of Directors to deny service to members and guests not properly dressed.  Also, remember, it is the Member’s responsibility to inform their guest(s) of the dress requirements.
  1. EMPLOYEES - No Member shall reprimand any employee. All employee discipline will be handled by the Manager.  Service difficulties or problems should be reported to the Manager.
Members may not extend guest privileges to club employees other than the professional staff or employees who are family members.
  1. PARKING - Members and guests will park in the main parking lot(s)only.  Parking is prohibited in all “no parking” zones, in the fire lanes in front of the Clubhouse, in spaces reserved for the handicapped or Club President, and in the areas near the Member’s Entrance, the Pro Shop, the Cart Barn and Bag Drop. 
  1. MEETINGS and PARTIES - Member sponsorship is required for non-member usage of our facilities.  Sponsoring Members are responsible for all charges from the affair, including any damage or theft should the non-member not pay their bill.
  1. LOSS/DAMAGE the Club cannot be responsible for the loss of, or damage to, automobiles or any other property of Members, employees, or guests.
  1. MONEY/CLUB PROPERTY Checks may be cashed at the discretion of the Manager, but not in an amount exceeding $50.00. At no time are Members or employees permitted to borrow Club funds. No Club property such as shower room towels, silverware, china, etc., may be removed from the Clubhouse or Locker Room.
  1. SOLICITATION - No notices, petitions, subscriptions, advertising, business cards, flyers, etc. may be posted or circulated about the Clubhouse or in the locker rooms except relating to Club affairs.
14. RESERVATIONS - Reservations for dinner are encouraged, and are required for all special Club events.  The Club cannot guarantee service will be available when reservations are not made.  As a reminder, the Club will maintain a cancellation policy for member special events. The Policy ranges from 48-72 hours based on the event. Members having confirmed reservations that do not show for the event will be charged half of the posted price of the event.
15. MINORS - No one under twenty-one years of age is permitted to consume alcohol on Club property. Children and young adults must be accompanied by an adult while in the locker rooms. Parents will be responsible for any damage to any Club property caused by their children. The bar areas (men’s locker room, pool bar) as well as the fire pit area are designed for our adult members to enjoy a social atmosphere where alcoholic beverages are served.  These areas are for “adults only” entertaining and are not intended for children under the age of 21. Club staff is required to monitor these areas and are authorized to request proper identification. We further require that members properly supervise their children in all areas of the clubhouse and surrounding facilities.
16. SMOKING - Cigarette smoking is permitted in the Men’s card room/locker room area only.  All other areas will be smoke-free at all times. Cigar and Pipe smoking is permitted in the Men’s Locker Room area only.
17. CELL PHONES – The use of wireless telephones is prohibited in all dining areas, including outdoor and locker room dining areas.  Users should use lobby areas.
18. MISCELLANEOUS - Club Members or guests shall not be permitted to bring food or beverages of any kind into the Clubhouse, the pool area, onto the Golf Course or other grounds for consumption.
Members are not permitted in the kitchens or the lower level employee area at any time.
Members are encouraged to bring guests to our Clubhouse, without limitation, for the purpose of dining. Members may request for a significant other to accompany them to the pool facility by contacting the General Manager with the request. Members may not extend guest privileges to Club employees other than the Professional Staff or employees who are family members.