1.       USGA - United States Golf Association rules shall govern all play.
2.       REGISTRATION – All golfers must register in the Pro Shop or with the Caddy Master before beginning play.
All players are urged to play in foursomes on weekend and holiday mornings. Any exceptions are at the discretion of the Golf Pro.
No one shall be permitted to tee off on any hole other than the first tee, without prior Pro Shop approval.
No guests are permitted before 12:00 noon on weekends and holidays.
4.       GOLF CARTS/CADDIES - To promote the caddy program and to preserve the tradition of the game, golfers must use a golf cart or caddy on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Friday before 12:00 P.M., Thursdays and weekends before 2:00 P.M. Members are encouraged to use a caddy if one is available.  If available, a Fore Caddy will be assigned to any foursome unaccompanied by a member.  Club Pull Carts follow the cart/caddie’s rules.
All cart users must obey all restrictions on cart operations.
Carts must not be driven on or near the tees, greens, or green aprons.
Carts should be parked between the green and the next tee whenever possible, but never in the fairway in front of the green.
Red handicap flags are issued, during the regular golf season April 1st through October 30th, to players who suffer from a disability     
that impairs their ability to walk.  To secure a red flag, players must make a written request to the Men’s or Women’s Golf Committee    requesting either permanent or temporary red flag privileges.  In the event of a temporary request, start and ending dates must be specified, and may not be open-ended.  The player must sign a form agreeing to abide by all club rules and regulations regarding the operation of a golf cart with a red flag. Red Flag golf carts may advance to within 25 feet of the greens on the fairway only.  Red Flag golf carts are not 0-permitted on the sides or behind any green and are not permitted on the grass surrounding any green. They must be on the cart path surrounding each green and tee.
Carts are permitted to leave the cart paths on par three holes, but must follow guidelines listed above.
When golf carts are limited to cart paths only, red flag carts may be given privileges to cross fairways at 90 degrees with prior approval of the Golf Course Superintendent.  However, carts must stay on the cart path at all other times and drivers are not permitted to drive carts up to within 25 feet of the green.
The Caddie Master will have a list of those players with “Red Flag” privileges approved by the Golf Committees and will follow that list only.
6.       SPEED OF PLAY - Players should complete 18 holes in approximately 4 hours. When requested, slower groups must allow faster groups to play through when there is an open hole in front of them.
7.       TOURNAMENT PARTICIPATION - Participants in Tournaments sponsored by the Men’s or Women’s golf committees must belong to the respective DCC Golf Association in order to be eligible for a prize.  In mixed events, both men and women participants must belong to the respective DCC Golf Association to be eligible for a prize.  Guests may play during mixed events, provided there are spots open, but are not eligible to win a prize and will not be charged a tournament fee.
8.       GOLF COURSE DRESS CODE - Proper golf attire is required at all times. The Golf Professional staff has been instructed by the Board of Directors to deny playing privileges to any member or guest inappropriately dressed. The purchase of appropriate attire is available through the Pro Shop, if necessary.
Improper dress includes but may not be limited to:
Women: Jeans of any color, shorts or skirts that are shorter than 5 inches from the middle of the knee, tank tops, halter tops, cutoffs and untucked shirts with no finished edge that are not meant to be worn out.
Men: Jeans of any color, tank tops (muscle shirts), shorts that are shorter than 5 inches from the middle of the knee, collar-less shirts, sleeveless shirts, no shirt, cutoffs, un-tucked shirts, cargo pants or shorts and hats worn backwards.
Doylestown Country Club prohibits the use of penetrating golf shoe spikes. 
9.       GOLF COURSE MAINTENANCE                  
All Members are strongly urged to do their part to maintain the condition of the golf course.  All golfers are expected to:
Repair ball marks on greens.
Replace all divots.
Rake foot prints and divots in sand traps.
Do not place flags or bags on greens.
Observe golf cart signs.
Do not throw or leave cigarettes on course.
Practice in designated areas only.
Place all trash in containers.
Members who do not repair ball marks, replace divots and rake sand traps are subject to disciplinary action by the Board of Directors.
No bottles or glassware of any kind are permitted on the course at any time.
An annual charge will be billed to, and paid by every Member of the various Golf Membership categories, who plays golf, male or female, whether or not the member’s golf bag or clubs are stored at the Pro Shop, except that Junior Membership category and dependents of "family" Members shall be billed and shall pay the annual Golf Fee only if they elect to store their golf bags and clubs at the Pro Shop.
This charge will provide for the following Golf Pro Services: Locker(s), cart loading, unloading, club cleaning, bag tags, club storage and practice facilities. The Club, however, is not responsible for any liability due to loss or damage of clubs/bags stored in the facility.
In the event a member makes a hole in one, all golfing members will be charged $3.00 for hole in one insurance. Golfing members may not opt out of hole in one insurance.
The hole-in-one must be witnessed by at least one adult player in your group.
Only the first ball hit from the teeing ground is official. Mulligans, provisional balls and shots affected by penalty strokes do not count.)
A hole-in-one on a temporary green is not official.
To be official, the hole-in-one must be made during April 1st – October 31st.
All golfing members are in the hole-in-one club.
All golfing members are billed $3 on their member statement.
If a member gets a hole-in-one, each golfing member at the club that day may receive a free drink at the bar, up to a $500.00 bar tab. 
The member who made the hole-in-one, also receives a $350.00 pro shop credit.
The Bar tab for the hole-in-one does not begin until the member has completed his/her round (in order for it to be official).
On Sundays, after 10:30 A.M., starting times are required.  Members may contact the Golf Shop up to one week in advance to reserve a time.
13.   MONDAY PLAY – Full golf Members are permitted to play on those Mondays 
when the course is not in use after 12:00 P.M.  Members must have a “Monday Play Bag Tag” which are available from the Caddie Master. Carts are not permitted on Mondays.  Guests of Members are not permitted on Mondays. Please note that House Members are not permitted to play golf on Mondays.
Men, age 25 and over, may tee off during Golf Season when the course is open except:
Prior to noon on Wednesday.
Times posted for Inter-Club Matches.
Times posted for approved tournament play.
Women, age 25 and over, may tee off during Golf Season when the course Is open except:
Saturday from 8:30 A.M. to 11:00 A.M.
(October - from 9:00 A.M. to 11:00 A.M.
Times posted for Inter-Club Team Matches.
Times posted for approved tournament play.
Thursday from 11:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M. (Women must make their 9 hole turn on Thursday by 11:00 A.M.)
Junior Members, and Junior Family Members 16 years old, who have an established handicap, and Qualified Junior Members between the ages of 12 and 16, who have an established handicap and have passed a golf proficiency test administered by the professional staff may play at any time except as restricted by Rule 14 and 15. Rule #4 relating to the mandatory use of golf carts shall not apply to Qualified Junior Members.
Unqualified Juniors age 15 and under may play at the times listed below while accompanied by a parent or another adult member. "Accompanied by" means physical presence on the course while he or she plays golf.  Any unaccompanied play by Juniors will be at the discretion of the Golf Professional.
Monday - Wednesday              After 12:00 P.M.
Thursday                                 After 5:00   P.M.
Friday                                      After 12:00 P.M.
Saturday                                  After 2:00   P.M.
Sunday & Holidays                  After 2:00   P.M.
Juniors age 15 and under may also play on Thursday mornings at 8:30 A.M. in events and competitions organized by the Golf Staff.
Juniors, 16 and older with a valid driver’s license may operate a golf cart. Juniors under the age of 16 unaccompanied by a parent, shall not be permitted in the Men’s Card Room at any time and shall be permitted in the Mixed Grill Room only when dining. Juniors shall be permitted in the Locker Rooms only for the purpose of changing clothes, shoes and/or showering.
  1. Each House membership is entitled to play on the golf course six times between April 1st to October 31st upon payment of green fees. 
  2. House members may also play two additional times during the off season. 
  3. House Members who are on the Golf Membership Waiting List are entitled to play on the golf course nine times between April 1st to October 31st upon payment of green fees. 
  4. House Members on the Golf Membership Waiting List are entitled to play three additional times during the off season.  Please note rounds permitted are per membership, not per person in the membership family.
  5. House Member times on the golf course are counted as a full round regardless of whether nine or eighteen holes are played.
  6. House Members may not play as a guest of a member.
  7. The playing limit will NOT be waived for House Members who are members of the Golf Association of Philadelphia through their membership at another club.
Saturday and Sunday - House Members may play golf with or without a guest any time after noon.        
Monday – House Members are not permitted to play golf.
Tuesday - House Members may play golf at any time. 
Wednesday - House Members may play golf after 12:00 noon. House Members may not bring a prior to 2:00 PM.
Thursday - House Members may play golf at any time.  House Members may not bring a guest prior to 2:00 PM.
Friday - House Members may play golf at any time.
Tee time restrictions defined in #14 and #15 shall be observed by House Members also.
Guests of House Members must be accompanied by the House Member.
  1. Only three guests for each Member will be permitted at any time, unless written approval is obtained in advance from the Men’s or Women’s Golf Committee. 
  2. Guests must be accompanied by a Member on weekends and holidays.
  3. All Members must register their guests in the Pro Shop before starting play and introduce their guests to a member of the Pro Shop    
  4. staff.
  5. If the guest’s attire does not meet the DCC dress code, the Member will be so advised and the guest will not be permitted to play until
  6. he or she meets the dress code requirements (SEE GOLF - #8).
  7. No individual may play as a guest more than three times a year regardless of how many members sponsor him or her.  GAP and WGAP members will have limited guest privileges when playing with a Member to be confirmed prior to play by the professional staff.  When playing without a DCC Member, they are restricted to play three times per golf season and on weekdays only.  The Golf Committee reserves the right to further restrict members of GAP and WGAP clubs which do not offer reciprocal privileges. A house guest who lives more than 50 miles from DCC may play more than three times, provided the Member receives a waiver of this limitation from the Men’s or Women’s Golf Committee.
  8. Guests (maximum 4) of Members may play on weekdays, unaccompanied by the Member, but shall be charged a premium greens fee.
  9. A Men’s or Women’s individual membership does not provide other members of the family the privilege to play golf under the membership. Their family members are permitted to come as a guest.
  10. No guests are permitted before noon on Saturday, Sunday or major holidays.
  11. No guests shall be permitted to tee-off between 11:00 A.M. and 2:00 P.M. on Thursday during golf season.