Membership Procedure

1. Application Process
  • Prospective Members shall fill out the application and submit a check along with both sponsorship letters.  All information must be completed for applications process to start.
  • Prospective Members are required to have two members in good standing sign their application and submit letters of recommendations. One of the two sponsors must be a proprietary certificate holding member.
  • A $250.00 Application Fee is required.
  • Upon completion of a credit and background check, the Prospective Member’s names, addresses, type of business and location of business shall be mailed out in the regular newsletter.  After a 14 day period, all names shall be submitted to the Membership Committee for review and invitations to a members meeting.

2. Members Meeting

  • Prospective Members and their sponsors will be notified, by letter, to attend a mandatory meeting with the Membership Committee.
  • One of the Prospective Member’s sponsors must attend said meeting.  Should sponsors not be able to attend meeting, Prospective Members will be invited to the next Membership Meeting.
  • This meeting provides the Prospective Members an opportunity to become familiar with Club policies.
  • Upon satisfactory completion of all procedures, Prospective Member’s names will be submitted for Board approval at their regularly scheduled meetings.    

3. House Membership

  • House Members are required to purchase a redeemable Non-Voting Bond.
  • Quarterly Food Minimum $300.00.     

4. Golf Membership

  • Please call the club office regarding cost of the initiation fee
  • A Proprietary Certificate can be purchased by Golf Members.
  • The Proprietary Certificate will be issued and mailed to the member.

For more information regarding membership, please contact our Membership Director, Jordan Meserole at:
(215) 348-2112 Ext. 1180 |