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Doylestown Country Club is home to a stunning 18-hole golf course, exquisite clubhouse dining & banquet facilities, and family-friendly pool environment and we enthusiastically welcome all guests to our Club. We do ask that each guest take the time to understand the following club policies and etiquette during their visit.


Members, their guests, and any person playing on the DCC golf course are to abide by the Club’s dress code policy as outlined in the ByLaws. Persons not adhering to the dress code will be asked to purchase items in the Golf Shop to meet code, or asked to return home to get proper attire. Generally, golf shorts, slacks, or golf skirts are always acceptable attire. Collared shirts for men and women are required. Men’s shirts must always be tucked in. Items that are not allowed on the DCC golf course include jeans, cargo shorts, t-shirts, tank tops or cutoff shirts, or backward hats. For women, shorts or skirts that are higher than mid-thigh are not allowed. For men, athletic or basketball shorts are not allowed. Proper foot wear is required, however metal golf spike shoes are not allowed. For questions about the Golf Dress code, please contact the pro shop at (215) 348-2112 ext 113. While on course, members and guests are asked to display common golf etiquette and follow all golf rules, including repairing ball marks or divots and observing a good rate of play. Loud profanity or other vulgar conversations are not permitted, especially those that disrupt the play of others on the course. Members and their guests are asked to observe the golf cart policy as advertised for the day, and not drive on greens nor in restricted or “no cart” areas.


Members and their guests are asked to wear proper attire at all times inside the Clubhouse facilities. Guests of a private event such as a wedding or fundraiser may be allowed to have a variance to the dress code if only approved in advance by the General Manager and/or Board of Directors (such as themed dress or costume for an event). Otherwise, guests of a private event are asked to still adhere to dress code and policy while on Club grounds. Attire not permitted inside the Clubhouse includes cargo or athletic shorts, mini-skirts, t-shirts, tank tops, cut off shirts, halter tops, low-cut spaghetti strap shirts, or cargo pants. Standard golf shorts or "bermuda-style" shorts are permitted. Hats are to never be worn in the upstairs main formal dining room, and are suggested to be removed downstairs but is not required (is permitted to be worn in locker room or lower patio areas). Women may wear yoga-style tights so long as they are untorn, have no holes, are plain in color and are paired with appropriate attire such as a dress or long blouse. Men must wear a collared shirt, and it must be tucked in except in the case of a shirt that has a consistent hem and is not longer than the waist designed to be worn untucked (such as “Tommy Bahama” brand shirts or “UnTuckIt” brand shirts). Jeans are permitted every day, but on Saturdays men are suggested to wear slacks or khakis and women are suggested to wear a dress or long pants. Jackets for men are encouraged Saturday nights in the formal dining room, but are not required. Swimsuits are never permitted anywhere inside Clubhouse facilities, and are only to be worn at the pool. All Members and their guests are expected to conduct themselves in a manner consistent with the accepted standards of country club behavior. Profanity, and behavior that causes physical abuse to Club property, are not acceptable.


Members and their guests must wear appropriate attire when entering or leaving the pool facility. For men, this means wearing a shirt and for women means wearing a shirt or other coverup. A towel draped around a neck does not suffice for being covered when walking to or from the pool facility. Swimsuits are never allowed inside Clubhouse facilities; as such, members and their guests arriving in pool attire are asked to enter through the pool access gate and not walk through the Clubhouse. Changing rooms are available at the pool facility should a person need to change into their swimsuit after arrival. Swimsuits should be modest in design; typically discouraged includes speedo style suits, thong style bikinis, or other style suit that may be too tight or revealing. Hats are permitted at the pool, however must never be worn backwards. Tank tops or cut off shirts are not permitted for men. Members or guests not in compliance with the pool dress code may be asked to cover up or return to the facility in proper attire.


Cell phones are permitted with certain rules on Club grounds. While in the formal restaurant and/or upstairs dining balcony, taking a cell phone call is not permitted while seated. You are asked to take your phone call in the main lobby. Responding to a singular brief text is permitted, however continual use of your phone for texting or email the entire meal is discouraged. Very brief cell phone calls are permitted in the locker rooms, so long as it does not disrupt others nearby. If the locker room is full or you are having a lengthy conversation, you are asked to step into the hallway or outdoor area. Texting and replying to emails on your phone is permitted in the locker rooms, as well as the outside lower patio. Phone calls on the lower patio are generally discouraged, unless there is no one else sitting at the tables next to you. Texting and reading emails at the pool is permitted. Due to proximity of chairs and other members at the pool, you are asked to take phone calls near the gate of the pool or in an area of the pool patio that is not immediately next to others. For rate of play, cell phone use while on the golf course is generally frowned upon, however you may use your phone to reply to a text or email so long as it does not disrupt the game. A brief phone call on the course is allowed, as long as it is not loud nor disrupt others nearby, and does not affect rate of play. Members or guests that are misusing or abusing the cell phone policy will be asked to put their phone away or asked to only use it in the parking lot.