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Welcome to Doylestown Country Club. Please note that all members and guests must check in the golf shop and our staff will provide any needed direction help before play. Also, our bag drop is located on the second clubhouse entrance. We ask that carts are not to be driven on or near the tees, greens, or green aprons. For further guidelines and info please click on the links below:



Our Pro Shop is run by our professionally trained golf staff to make sure that you are ready to experience one of the premier golf experiences in Pennsylvania. Through our Pro Shop, members can sign up for personalized lessons for adults or kids, Doylestown Country Club gear, club fittings, footwear, apparel, hats, bags, balls, and any other last minute items needed for a successful golf outing.

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(215) 348-2112 | ext. 1133



Some of the featured brands in our Pro Shop include:






Always follow messages from the Pro Shop and instructional signage throughout the course which varies day-to-day.

  • Observe all cart path directional signs
  • Carts should stay on paved paths when possible
  • Carts must never be driven on tee boxes or greens or green aprons, nor in front of the green
  • Carts must never be driven down the middle of a fairway on par 3's
  • Observe any notices from Pro Shop or Superintendent (such as no carts due to 1/4" of rain)




Some golfers are eligible for a blue handicap flag. If you have received one from the Pro Shop, the following guidelines apply:
  • Blue flag carts may advance to within 25 feet of the greens on the fairway only.
  • Blue flag carts are not permitted on the sides or behind any green, and are not permitted on the grass surrounding any green.
  • Blue flag carts may leave the cart path on par 3's and may be permitted to cross a fairway at 90 degrees only with permission of the Superintendent
  • Otherwise, all standard cart path policies apply to those with a blue flag