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Thank you for considering applying for membership at Doylestown Country Club.

All applicants require two active sponsors, one of whom needs to be a Proprietary Certificate holder with the Club. Applications and new memberships are by invitation only from an active member. An application must list the two sponsor names; any applications missing that information will not be accepted until such time that two names are provided.

As memberships are by sponsorship and referral only, you should ask your sponsor(s) to contact the DCC Membership Manager - Jordan Meserole - for a current copy of the application. DCC policy does not permit sending of applications to the public at large who are not backed by a sponsor.

The Doylestown Board of Directors reviews all applications, and reserves the right to reject any applicants if they do not meet the application criteria.

As outlined in the DCC By Laws, the application process at minimum lasts 14 days. This period is called the “applicant review period”. During this time the prospect does not have Club access, and will not be granted ability to use the facilities until after a final Board approval vote. During the 14 day review process, the applicant’s sponsors will submit letters of support for the application and the office will conduct background or credit checks as necessary. After the 14 day period is completed, the prospect/applicant may be invited for an interview with the Membership Chairman and/or Membership Committee. After an interview with the Committee, the Board of Directors in a timely manner will review the applicant’s entire file and provide a final approval or rejection vote. The final step of application requires a new member orientation with the Membership Manager or Membership Chairman. As such, all applicants should expect a 30 to 45 day application process before admission to the Club.