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Ready to order?  Launch your DCC mobile app for best ordering experience

or tap here to order via the website.  (Member login required)


Order from the comfort of your pool chair and have it delivered right away! No more having to wait for your server to come back around to take your order! Place orders either through the website or DCC mobile app.



Placing your order is super easy!

  1. Login to the DCC website or mobile app using your member login (Don’t have a login or forgot your password? Click here to learn how to create one)
  2. Select Pool & Cabana
  3. Select your items
  4. View your "cart" to complete the order
  5. Enter your chair or table number and hit submit!
  6. Did you move table or chairs before your order arrived? Just let a server or the bartender know and they can update the order for you.
Ready to order?

Launch the DCC mobile app or click here to order via the website!




Using the online ordering feature is easiest through the DCC mobile app! The app also allows you to book tee times, make dinner reservations, and register for events. You will use the same login for the website as you do for the mobile app.






If you have a website (or app) login already but have forgotten it, click here to reset your password.

Note: if you haven’t created a user login or don’t enter the account email you set up the username under, you will get an error message.


Setting up a new user account only takes a few simple steps!  Check the notes below and scroll down for the link to set up a new account!

A few important notes to set up your member account:

  1.  The system requires 3 numbers in the member number for an online account. Just add zeroes if you have less than three in your member #. For example: If your member number is X1, then you will enter X001 to register online. If your member number is X10, then you will enter X010 to register.
  2. The system requires an exact name match of what is in your member file. For example, if your statements and account display “Thomas” for your first name but you try registering on the website under the name “Tom” the system won’t recognize you – you would need to enter “Thomas” in this example. (If you would like to change your name in our system, contact Jordan Meserole)
  3. Each person on the household member account – including spouses – can have their own login! In example: “Thomas” may create an account for his name and email under X001. But if his spouse “Jane” would like her own login, she can create one under X001A. Spouses can create their own login by adding the letter “A” at the end of the member number.

Click here to continue with setting up your own member login